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Co-op Community Projects

If you live in Montana, contact us to develop your community driven Food Hub (a co-op pick-up location and much more).
Welcome to the Montana Co-op and Kids Co-op Market in partnership with the Camas Organic Market. Together, we're serving Hot Springs Montana and surrounding towns with easy access to the healthiest food and Montana made products. Please browse our initiatives and join us in our cooperation.
You can now order your groceries from your phone or computer. Delivery is starting in Hot Springs and will spread to other communities in 2020.

1) SIGN UP by providing your email address; membership in the MT Co-op is not required to order. 
online before the deadline on Friday at 10am.
3) PICK-UP ON THURSDAY at the Camas Organic Market from         3-6pm or choose Home Delivery.
The Montana Co-op was formed in 2011 to first unite food producers and consumers in a shared  co-op business with the purpose of creating a local food system. Right now, we do not have a united local food system in Montana.  Our plan is to develop a state wide network of "community driven'' food hubs that work together while making thriving communities. 
The process of starting a "community driven" food hub begins with engaging the people through the Community Heart & Soul program to discover shared values, needs and vision. The Montana Co-op's first attempt of proving this concept of a "community driven" food hub started in Polson, MT.  See video.
The Kids Co-op is a local non-profit 501(c)3 that provides education, life skills,
and experiences in civic service and sustainable career tracts like producing and marketing local and healthy food,  and home building.



 KIDS CO-OP: Empowering Youth
  with Meaningful Opportunities

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