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Currently Serving Hot Springs Montana and surrounding communities with easy access to the most local, nutritious food. Please browse our Campaigns (from tool bar above) and join us in our cooperation.

SNAP Accepted on all food items. 
Double your SNAP dollars on Fruits & Vegetables at Camas Market, buy $10 on Tuesday & Thursday, receive up to $20 per week of extra organic vegetables. 

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   The Montana Co-op was formed in 2011 to unite food producers and consumers in a shared co-op business with the purpose of creating a local food system. To have a sustainable local food system, we need to be involved in all aspects of the food chain, from garden to plate. We're educating and mentoring new farmers, adding value to the crops we grow, and use those ingredients to make healthy meals.

   We're creating this local food system by establishing a state wide network of "community driven'' food hubs that work together and share resources. The process of starting a food hub begins with engaging the people through the Community Heart & Soul program to discover shared values, needs and vision for the future of the town or neighborhood. The Montana Co-op's first attempt of proving this concept of starting a "community driven" food hub started in Polson, MT in 2015-17. See video. 

   The Kids Co-op is a local non-profit 501(c)3 that provides education, life skills, and experiences in civic service and many career tracks like producing and marketing local healthy food. The Kids Co-op board members are all youth and majority Native Americans. By cooperating, anything is possible.... including having a sustainable local food system.

   Delivering to a Montana town near you! contact us to develop your community driven Food Hub (a co-op pick-up location and much more).


   Join the Montana Co-op today and support our plan to serve ALL of Montana with the healthiest food possible and provide long term jobs: farming, harvesting, preparing, selling, and delivering!
   Donations are also welcome that helps with our many Kids Co-op life sovereignty projects covering the basic needs of life: nutritious food & water, shelter (with home ownership option), and a supportive community! 

 Click here to Donate to the Kids Co-op LIFE SOVEREIGNTY projects. Thank you to all of our generous supporters who share their time, talent, excess, business, money, and knowledge to bring this together. 

Co-op Community Projects: 

   To learn about the Pablo Food HUB with tiny-home building and the start of a co-housing community, see Pablo HUB in our CAMPAIGNS.

   See picture below: The first house being finished out at the Pablo HUB.