Hello, and welcome to Camas Organic Market.  serving hot springs, mt & surrounding towns.
The Hot Springs Camas Market is a Montana Co-op Food HUB where people unite for food sovereignty and other shared values.
The Montana Co-op started in 2011 to create the concept of a state wide network of 'community driven'' food hubs working together to build the local food economy while creating thriving communities. 
The concept includes using technology to obtain the freshest food possible in an online farmers market business model that offers all local food product together on one website. You should be able to order everything found at your farmers market and local restaurant from your phone or computer. Delivery is starting in Hot Springs in 2018 and will spread to other communities in 2019.
The concept of starting a 'community driven' food hub begins with engaging the people through the Community Heart & Soul 2-year program to discover shared values and move forward in a united plan. The Montana Co-op's first attempt of proving this concept of a 'community driven' food hub started in Polson, MT.  See video.
The next examples will be in Hot Springs, MT and Pablo, MT (CSKT HQ). The Community Heart & Soul program is starting in Hot Springs August 2018 - August 2020.  Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter and/or project details. Help set up your 'community driven' food hub by contacting us and meet with other people in your town or neighborhood.
The Kids Co-op is a local non-profit 501(c)3 that provides education and real life experiences in sustainable career tracts like producing food and building houses.The Kids Co-op Board of Directors are all youth and Native controlled.  The youth and young adults are dedicated towards strengthening cultural roots and cooperating with each other for long term success!

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