Mrs. Wonderful Cafe
Address: 310 Main Street Polson, Mt, 59860
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About Us
Mary Frances Caselli started Mrs. Wonderful in Northwest Montana back in 2009.

Mary Frances created her own sea salt blends using fresh herbs from her garden. The combination of fresh organic herbs mixed with French grey Celtic sea saltĀ® raised her culinary skills to a new level and she began a quest to share with others her love of great food, wine and entertaining.

After years of sharing her sea salt herbal blends with family and friends, she took her wares to the local farmers market. There, she sells her Mrs. Wonderful salt blends as well as fabulous rustic Italian bread and Polish walnut pastries. The salts became so popular that she marketed them to local stores and is currently expanding to other states.

So ask for Mrs. Wonderful Sea Salt Herbal Blends at the Montana Co-op.

The mission of Mrs. Wonderful is to provide the finest quality products that will add healthful delicious flavor to every culinary endeavor.

By contributing to the lively culture of food, wine and entertaining, I strive to encourage families and friends to share daily meals, good food and wine, and special times together.

Mrs. Wonderful is committed to the support of strong family relationships and friendships that are rooted in Truth and Life.