Kettle Care Organics
Contact: Ann Pfeifer
City: Kalispell, MT, 59901
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Phone: 406-862-9851
About Us
Kettle Care is a small, family-owned company nestled in the Rockies of northwest Montana, at the south entrance of Glacier National Park. Here, Ann and Klaus Pfeifer use hearty Montana-grown organic herbs to create natural therapeutic body care products with formulas that have been refined over Kettle Care’s 30years in business.

It all started with the formulation of Herbal Aid Crème that healed the company founder’s skin problem after a 23 year long battle with eczema. The effectiveness and success of the Herbal Aid Crème inspired Kettle Care’s mission into natural and pure body care treatments.
Kettle Care’s formulations utilize the most beneficial properties of selected plants – those that heal, sooth, and protect against the effects of weather, environment and aging. Botanicals, most of them grown on local organically certified farms in the area, are harvested at peak essential oil production, used in their raw form, and extracted without harming the botanical or raw bee ingredients. Kettle Care’s production methods omit the use of solvent chemicals, high heat, impure additives, and industrial pollutants. The end results are natural and pure body treatments formulated for maximum results, even for the most sensitive skin.

At Kettle Care we take pride in our Artisan-made micro batches, which are handmade, labeled and packaged. Our emulsifiers are based on Montana beeswax and organic Shea butter plus we use high quality ingredients, without harmful chemicals and toxins.

For the last 30 years we have differentiated ourselves from other herbal body care companies by using a high amount of essential oils and organic herbal extracts in our products which make them highly effective with proven results. To this day, one of our best-selling products is the Herbal Aid Crème, which is still produced with its original and time-proven recipe. We currently employ 7 wonderful and dedicated employees, who enjoy working and living in our pristine and clean environment of the Rocky Mountains.

In addition Kettle Care promotes sustainability in every aspect of our society, be it through our drive to use only sustainable resources for our ingredients all the way to our use of recycled packaging products. Kettle Care has also been a member of green America since 1985 and is a member of the American Botanical Council which publishes the latest scientific studies and data on the uses and healing efficacy of herbs used worldwide.

It is our belief that we are part of the ecological environment and have to treat it with respect and gratitude for we receive healing remedies from it in return.