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On a cold morning, wrapping your hands around a steaming mug is the perfect way to start your day. That’s why we created our mug of “perfect” with you in mind. Try our ground breaking new product that has everyone talking. We captured the wholesome goodness of grain and the dark roast of stone heated ovens, to provide a rich, earthy beverage that when brewed is a delicious coffee substitute. How do you define this break-through product? We define it as a ground roasted barley for brewing, but you can call it RoBarr.

This caffeine-free product, made with 100% certified organic barley, has none of coffee’s harsh acids that could cause stomach upset, and contains no calories. No caffeine, no harsh acid, and no calories, do you really need another reason to try RoBarr? How about the fact that RoBarr is delicious both hot and cold? Use RoBarr in any of your favorite “coffee” drinks, as a latte, cappuccino, iced, with flavors, cream and sugar, or black. RoBarr is interchangeable with ground coffee in any kind of coffee maker; percolator, automatic drip, french press, or espresso machine.

Barley water was used as a medicine as far back in history as Ancient Rome. “Barley coffee,” the beverage resulting from brewed roasted barley, is much better for the stomach, teeth and gums. Coffee stains teeth, but RoBarr works to help protect your teeth from bacteria. Not only is it better for you, we like it because it is delicious!
The best part? It’s affordable.

Other coffee substitutes range in price from $12 to $24 per pound and RoBarr is just a fraction of that price. At less than $6 per pound, you can afford to brew RoBarr everyday.
RoBarr is a grain based product and swells slightly when brewing. Make sure you allow room in your coffee maker for the grounds to expand during the brewing process.

RoBarr is in the process of becoming a state certified organic handler. The process takes about 5 months in Montana. Until then, we are roasting and packaging according to state requirements to ensure a safe, healthy product. After all, I drink this every day, too!