Big Sky Natural Beef
Contact: Wally Congdon
City: Missoula, MT, 59801
Email Address:
Phone: 406-925-1351
About Us
Big Sky Natural Beef, owned and managed by Wally Congdon, is one of the first ranches in Montana. Wally knows the importance of quality, natural beef... just taste the difference!!! The unique cattle boast impressive horns, shaggy coats, and larger loins and ribeye than regular cattle. What’s more, they thrive in Montana’s harsh climate and Wally is able to raise and sell completely grass-fed beef without having to ship his animals to feedlots. Not only does Wally take his own cattle to market, he has created his own market for the meat and sells his grass-fed, natural certified meat around the U.S. He knows the chefs personally and is able to provide them with the exact cuts they want. In addition to the restaurant demand, Wally’s beef is in hospitals, care facilities and schools, and a large amount goes to persons with Krones disease. “The only red meat they can eat without getting sick is our ‘hippie cows,’” said Wally, who says they are often referred to as hippie cows because of their shaggy coat
As well as a rancher, Wally is a highly qualified attorney. He wrote the State of Montana's Natural Laws. He prides himself as knowing exactly what it takes to produce quality beef. Please feel free to goggle Wally Congdon.