Contact: James Davies
Address: P.O. Box 1709 Polson, MT, 59860
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Phone: 800-891-2670
About Us
GearPods makes modular adventure and survival gear to help the outdoor enthusiast to prepare for the unexpected. Our products combine an innovative, purpose-built container system with a range of assembled kits that provide the best of both worlds: compact and lightweight, yet highly capable.
GearPods are suitable for virtually every outdoor sport, including: hiking and backpacking, climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, adventure racing, winter sports and hunting.
GearPods Connect represents a new approach to organizing and packing adventure gear, providing a flexible and modular container system that is ideal for building kits. Sharing a common diameter as most sports bottle holders, GearPods are also easy to pack: in a bike water bottle cage, lumbar pack, hydration pack, backpack or even a pocket. Our assembled GearPods Kits cover the essentials of adventure and survival: first aid, survival, shelter, and cooking.