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About Us
Essiac is the commonly known name for a four herb decoction (liquid herbal tea concentrate) comprised of Burdock (Arctium lapps), Sheep sorrel, (Rumex acetosella), Slippery elm (Ulmus rubra), and Turkey rhubarb (Rheum palmatum). We sell the herbs to make Essiac tea, as well as seeds to grow the herbs, and the best Essiac reference book on the market: The Complete Essiac Essentials (192 p., softcover, 2010, Sheila Snow/Mali Klein).

We currently source our Essiac herbs primarily from certified organic farms in Oregon and Washington, and are in our first year of growing the herbs in the Flathead Valley, using permaculture methods. We also wild-harvest sheep sorrel roots from unpolluted places in Montana and Idaho, and are one of only a few sources worldwide for Essiac with Sheep sorrel roots included, in keeping with how its developer Canadian Nurse Rene Caisse did it.
Our Flathead Valley farming operation will be designed based upon permaculture principles.