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Contact: Matthew Silent Thunder
Address: 407 Main St. Ronan, MT, 59864
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Phone: 406-381-1498
About Us
Silent Creations Buffalo Products produces flavorful mesquite smoked buffalo jerky using local respectfully raised all-natural buffalo meat.

Silent Creations Buffalo Products has been producing buffalo jerky since 1999. Matthew Silent Thunder, Owner/Manager, had been a Silversmith by trade for years when at a Gallery Show in Evergreen, Washington, shared a piece of his family’s buffalo jerky with a patron. This person liked that jerky so much he commented that if Matthew made that for sale he would be sure to buy it. And so the story starts.

What makes this jerky different from all the national brands is that it is made using a Traditional meat preservation process that has been utilized for hundreds of years. Traditionally, meat would be sliced very thin, maybe salted or flavored, then laid out in the sun to dry while being smoked with Mesquite for flavor and to distract flies and other unwanted guests. After a day, or two at the most, the jerky would be sufficiently dried to keep all the valuable nutrition but be shelf stable for a very long time.

Silent Creations Buffalo Products offers 5 Flavors of Buffalo Jerky in three different size packages plus an Individually Wrapped Single Serving ‘Stick’. We just recently received our USDA Approval on a Buffalo Snack Stick that is available in 5 popular flavors in three different packaging options, 6 packs, 3 to-a-pack and an Individually wrapped single serving stick. Silent Creations also offers our Buffalo Burger in a 1# retail ready pack.

Silent Creations offers a variety of display options that make this line of products visually attractive while representing Native America and the health benefits of a healthy diet with the additions of Grass-fed, Grass-finished respectfully raised Buffalo meat.
No Preservatives Added, High in Protein, Low in Fat
Minimally Processed, No Artificial Ingredients
Smoked with Real Mesquite
Exceptional Buffalo Jerkey, Made the Traditional Way.

Silent Creations uses this same simple method but does so in a daily USDA Inspected Processing facility in Ronan, Montana on the Flathead Indian Reservation in beautiful Western Montana. The buffalo meat is locally sourced from sustainably oriented-buffalo herds on the Flathead Reservation and across Montana to ensure the best quality of meat while respecting the Buffalo Nation and their health.