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In 1937, we exchanged the North Dakota prairie dust of the Great Depression for a western cattle ranch on Myrtle Creek in northern Idaho. Before I became a teen, I milked cows, shot chickens for Sunday dinner; I was occasionally bucked off my saddle horse; I nearly drowned in Myrtle Creek and I harvested my first deer. I prayed my first public prayer. When I was sixteen, I was born again; I met Joyce Lee Lewis; during my college summers, I worked with the Trail Crew in Glacier National Park. I was face to face with a grizzly bear by Lake Josephine; I was flipped into Two Medicine Lake when our boat overturned. I led Jim to Jesus at a highway turnout along Glacier Park's St. Mary Lake. I married Joyce in 1955; on our wedding night, we killed two stray Herefords. A year later, we rolled the Lewis's truck on our way to ministry in Canada; Henry Detert got off his farm tractor, took a seat in my car, and received Jesus as his Savior. In 1958, we embarked by ship on a twelve year mission to Japan. On September 26th, 1959, the night our son Michael was born, the hospital lost electrical power; the rain ran through the roof; the typhoon swept 4000 people to their deaths. The five members of the Sanada family became lovers of Jesus. During the decade of the 70's, I pastored in Montana and Alberta. We led our neighbors, Jerry and Pat and Bill and Nancy to Jesus, we all lived on the same street. For eighteen years, I served in two C&MA districts as a District Superintendent, from Cheyenne, Wyoming in the windy south to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories in the frozen north. In 1988, we were under 'house arrest' in Karachi, Pakistan.