Mountain Meadow Herbs Inc.
Contact: David, Anne, and Jeanne
Address: PO box 9227 Kalispell, MT, 59904
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Phone: 888-528-8615
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About Us
It all happens in a pristine Montana valley, with the majestic Rocky Mountains to the east and the shimmering Flathead lake due south. Here in a quiet meadow sits our state of the art GMP certified and FDA inspected facility, where extreme attention to detail brings you amazing, potent, liquid extracts you can use with confidence.

Founded in 2001 by a desperate mother turned scientist/researcher; Mountain Meadow Herbs continues its legacy of healing, with genuine care and a lasting commitment to delivering results. The fresh, pure extracts of individual herbs are made daily; these are combined or compounded into more than 40 proprietary blends or formulas targeting specific organs and health concerns.

These herbal formulas are widely used and today are household names among the Amish, where the company's founder grew up. Longing for years to to enter the world of scientific medical research and discovery, Kathy Garber eventually left behind the educational restrictions of her upbringing. Armed with simple beauty of a unique culture and an insatiable desire to learn, she successfully unlocked enough of nature's secrets to save her young son from dialysis.

Ten years later more of natures amazing answers are available, captured in golden liquid and still formulated to deliver exceptional results to those in need of natural solutions that work. We exist to improve your life.
In a perfect marriage of science and nature, the beneficial properties of more than 200 organically grown herbs, their roots, leaves and bark are coaxed into a pure extracting medium using less than 10% alcohol.