MontanaGrow Natural Fertilizer
Contact: John Porterfield
City: Missoula, MT,
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Phone: 406-270-6797
About Us
Let us introduce you to Your Plant's Best Friend! Volcanic ash is one of Mother Nature's greatest natural fertilizers. Some of the most beautiful, lush places on Earth can be found near the Pacific Ring of Fire, the result of volcanism. MontanaGrow Natural Silicon Fertilizer brings 25 million year old volcanic ash (amorphous, non-crystalline
tuff) from Montana to you prepared and packaged for use in homes, gardens, nurseries, crops and turf applications.

MontanaGrow Natural Silicon Fertilizer contains no additives and involves no chemical processing. Natural Silicon Fertilizer benefits plants with nutrients that help improve yield and quality, build strong roots, stems and foliage, enhance drought and salt resistance, alleviate abiotic and biotic stresses among other attributes.

MontanaGrow Natural Silicon Fertilizer - Your Plant's Best Friend.

OMRI Listed for Organic Use