Kalispell Kreamery
Contact: Mary and Jared Tuck
Address: 480 Lost Creek Drive Kalispell, MT, 59901
Email Address:
Phone: 406-756-6455
About Us
Cows are the reason for the business. We sell the milk so we can keep the cows. For a video tour of our farm, click here:
See a video of our shop in Kalispell
Hedstrom dairy believes in the humane care of their cows and realizes that in order to get the highest quality production and longevity from its prized milk cows they must be treated with a high level of respect and as a partner in the operation. We believe in and have instituted the following “Bill of Rights” on our place.

Animals should have the freedom from thirst at all times.
Animals should have freedom from injury and disease.
Animals should have freedom from hunger at all times.
Animals should have freedom from unnecessary fear and distress
Animals should have freedom to express a majority of their normal behavioral repertoire.
Animals should have room to move around freely.

It is not our vet practice to use vaccines our antibiotics on our cows, but we reserve the right to do so in the case it will help heal a cow if there is no other natural measure we can take. In the case of mastitis, instead of antibiotic use we “dry up” the infected quarter and the cow continues in our milk herd uninterrupted.
Milk is perfect when it comes from a healthy cow. It is everything that is done with it afterward that degrades it. Realizing this, Kalispell Kreamery does as little processing and transporting of its milk as possible. The milk is pasteurized to meet state law and to protect consumers of any harmful pathogens that may enter the milk, but it is not homogenized.

Because our milk is not homogenized the fat globules that would be broken up during the process stay intact (along with many of the helpful digestive enzymes and other properties that make milk healthy for you). Because the fat molecules are larger than the other milk molecules the cream rises to the top (separation is much like oil and water). To enjoy the full, whole milk straight from our cows to you, simply give the jug a good shake before pouring your milk to make sure the milk and cream mix, to get a lower fat content in your milk or to utilize the cream let it sit for over 24 hours.

If let sit (in the refer) for over 24 hours the cream will separate and can be skimmed off the top and used as you would use any other cream (make whip cream, use in your coffee, or pour on your cereal). Holsteins produce about 3-4% butterfat per gallon so, expect to scoop about ¼ a cup off each gallon. It may take a few gallons to have enough cream to make ice cream :)