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About Us
Gluten Free Mama, Rachel Carlyle (Edington), is a newlywed and mom of 3 children and 3 step-children living in the beautiful mission valley of Western Montana. Rachel founded Gluten Free Mama in 2006 shortly after finding that her 18-month old daughter had Celiac Disease/Gluten Intolerance. Rachel was unhappy with the taste and texture of gluten free products and very unhappy with the recipes available. Rachel, determined to make gluten free eating tastier for her daughter, followed her life long dream of writing a cookbook. Throughout the process she created two unique flour blends, Mama's Almond and Coconut Blend flours and thus created Gluten Free Mama Kitchen, LLC.

Since 2006, Gluten Free Mama has expanded to add a line of convenience mixes including, Pancake, Pizza, Pie, Cookie and Scone mixes, to her gluten free line as well as published her second gluten free cookbook. Rachel set out to help her daughter live a healthier life and ended up helping thousands more. Rachel has made it her commitment to be available to reach out to her customers and gluten free friends and be a support to them. As long as she continues to help others enjoy eating and better manage their gluten free lifestyle then she will continue to bring great tasting gluten free recipes and products to you.
Gluten Free Mama is proud that all of our products are CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE through the Celiac Sprue Association.