Good Seed Company
Address: P.O. Box 4906 Whitefish, MT, 59937
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Phone: 406-471-3284
About Us
Will Ross started the Good Seed Co. around 1980 from his home in Tonasket, Washington in the Okanogan valley of North-Central Washington, 25 miles from the Canadian border. The elevation of Tonasket is 950 feet and is a solid Zone 5 growing season. Will sold the company to Harris Dunkelberger and several other members of the Triple Creek Community in 1995 (40 miles northeast of Tonasket). Harris has stewarded Good Seed all the way through the 2012 growing season. Triple Creek is located about 2 miles south of the Canadian border at 3,000 feet elevation with a cusp Zone 3 and Zone 4 growing season. Harris has assiduously tested vegetable varieties in his large garden and raises many of the seeds that Good Seed sells, which is why Good Seed advertises that its seeds are especially adapted for Northern Gardens. Harris loved and nurtured Good Seed for over 17 years and he will remain involved as an advisor, consultant and will continue to grow many of the seeds we sell.
Our vision for the Good Seed Co. is based on the main permaculture principles:

Care of the Earth.

Care of the People.

Fair Share.

Our plan is to greatly increase the scope and number of seeds we sell over the next few years. We want to become a good source of seeds for the US permaculture community as well as serving our traditional base of northern climate gardeners.