West Paw Design
Address: 32050 East Frontage Rd Bozeman, MT, 59715
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Phone: 406-548-6237
About Us
West Paw Design is a small but mighty manufacturer of the highest quality dog and cat toys and bedding available. All of our products are made in beautiful Bozeman, Montana where we are dedicated to creating safe, fun, and durable products for your pet, while also making a contribution to the greater picture. We believe in only the best for your pet!

Pets are honest, trusting creatures who depend on us humans to keep their world safe and comfortable. That's why we search high and low to find the most durable, non-toxic and safe materials to make our pet toys, beds and apparel. The fabrics we choose come straight from the clothing and upholstery industries. We go so far as to design fabrics ourselves to match our high quality standards. We believe in comfort and enjoyment for your pet and peace of mind for you!

We Believe In...

Creating A Minimal Environmental Impact:

We live where we work. This is why the pristine beauty that surrounds us in the Rocky Mountains gives us reason everyday to do our part to protect our environment. We do all we can to reduce waste, making sure to cut as much raw product as possible out of every bolt of fabric, then reusing the scrap material where we can. We rescue and reuse old boxes to store our finished products, and employ recycled material in our packaging. Even some of our products themselves are recyclable! We believe in our responsibility to the next generation, whether four-legged or two!

Taking Care of Our Employees:

By keeping all of our manufacturing local, we not only provide great jobs, we get to know each other as friends and family. We work hard to support one another, both on the job and outside the workplace. We pay a fair wage and provide good benefits, such as health insurance, retirement accounts, and paid time off. Most importantly, every employee of West Paw Design shares in the success of the company through our profit sharing program. We support causes that are dear to our employees’ hearts by participating in community fundraising events, and donating money and product to organizations that are important to us. We believe that we are only as good as the people who work here, and you won’t find a better crew anywhere!