Country Pasta
Contact: Heather Knutson
City: Polson, MT, 59860
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Phone: 406-883-4384
About Us
Country Foods was started in 1990 by husband and wife team, Dean and Linda Knutson, to manufacture Country Pasta. With the help of their two daughters and only one additional employee, Dean and Linda were able to produce, package and sell the new product. One year, they even harvested their own durum the old fashioned way—with teams of horses and horse-drawn equipment.

These days we require too much semolina to harvest the durum ourselves, but we still produce the high quality Country Pasta. Focusing on two varieties rather than many different products ensures our Country Pasta is the finest available. Our Homemade Style Egg Pasta is great for soups, salads, main meal and side dish recipes. The Homemade Style Wide Egg Noodles are perfect for stroganoff and casserole recipes .

Country Pasta is produced using the old-fashioned roll and cut method. Because we won’t compromise the quality of our product, we start with 100% durum semolina and add farm fresh eggs, not frozen or dried. We also choose to use clean mountain water and natural sea salt. These ingredients are mixed together, rolled and cut, then dried to give you the goodness of homemade pasta without the homemade mess.

We assure you that the very highest quality control and care has been taken to bring you the best pasta available.

Family time is becoming more sacred and cherished in our everyday active lifestyles. We hope Homemade Style Country Pasta will become part of your quality family time.