Canna Beez
Contact: Becky Hilker
Address: PO Box 583 Columbia Falls, MT, 59912
Email Address:
Phone: 540-207-0585
About Us
Canna Beez started in 2010 as a need to heal extremely dry, occupationally over washed hands in the middle of winter in Montana. A simple play on words spawned from the skin-loving hemp seed oil and raw beeswax that formulated my first hand salve, opening my eyes to natural skin care and the power of essential fatty acids.

Canna Beez has now bloomed into a full line of natural skin care products formulated with raw, unrefined ingredients from our Earth, and hinged on hemp’s ideal ratio of EFAs and abundance of vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and amino acids. Products are hand made in small batches and beneficial for all skin types.
Are you tired of chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors and other ingredients that shouldn't be in your skin care products? Me too! Canna Beez is a line of products for your body and face that have natural and organic unrefined ingredients that are actually good for your skin.